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Lee Miller Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Therapy that Brings Change

Navigating life's challenges often hinges on the quality of our relationships - be it with ourselves, our partners, or our children. Each bond requires a delicate balance of self-acceptance, effective communication, and conflict resolution. I can help you make this your reality.

Individual Therapy offers a safe space to explore your personal journey, understanding how past experiences shape your present. Through this introspective process, you can cultivate self-awareness and develop coping mechanisms to navigate life's hurdles with resilience.

Couples Therapy fosters stronger connections by addressing communication breakdowns and rebuilding trust and intimacy. With guidance, couples can navigate conflicts constructively, strengthening their bond and rekindling the spark in their relationship.

Family Therapy recognizes the interconnectedness of familial dynamics, offering a platform for healing and reconciliation. By fostering open dialogue and understanding, families can navigate through conflicts and cultivate healthier, more harmonious relationships.

Co-Parenting Therapy provides support for separated or divorced parents, facilitating effective communication and collaboration in raising children. By establishing a cooperative co-parenting dynamic, children can thrive in a nurturing environment despite the challenges of separation.

Child Custody Mediation offers a neutral ground for resolving disputes amicably, prioritizing the best interests of the child. Through facilitated discussions, parents can reach mutually beneficial agreements, minimizing conflict and promoting stability for the child's well-being.

In each of these therapeutic formats, the focus remains on empowering individuals and families to make positive changes in their lives and relationships. With a commitment to understand how you got to this point in your life, a strong connection with your therapist, and concrete, practical tools, I can help you move to a place of understanding so you feel empowered to make new and different choices to improve your life and your relationships.

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