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Lee Miller Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Family Therapy

Unlock the potential for positive change within your family through specialized therapy.

Transform your family's well-being. Living with relational challenges, conflicts, or unresolved issues can be draining for everyone involved. No family has to endure such stress. Positive change is achievable through family therapy.

Family therapy offers:
  • A secure environment for open and respectful communication among family members, fostering trust and allowing all members to express themselves without fear of judgment.
  • Techniques to identify and adapt patterns of behavior that may be obstructing familial harmony, particularly focusing on the dynamics between parents and adult children.
  • Insight into developmental transitions and strategies to address them effectively, acknowledging the unique challenges of supporting adult children in their independence and growth.
  • Engaging exercises that encourage new perspectives and inject humor into family dynamics, fostering connections and understanding between parents and children.
  • Recognition that familial struggles are ongoing and require consistent attention, especially as adult children navigate their own life stages and transitions.
  • Unconditional support and understanding, providing a safe space for all members to explore their identities and relationships within the family, free from criticism or judgment.
  • Genuine empathy for the challenges and conflicts within your family unit, recognizing the complexities of relationships between parents and children in any life stage, and offering support without expectation.