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Lee Miller Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Individual Therapy

Become your best self. Living with anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, or low self-esteem is exhausting. No one should live in pain. Change is possible with therapy.

Therapy alters your life in positive ways.

Therapy provides:

  • A safe place for you to express your feelings honestly and without shame
  • New skills to recognize and alter self- sabotaging behaviors
  • An understanding of what was missed during your earlier years and a technique to replace it
  • Exercises that give you new insights, and bring some humor into your life
  • Examples that provide new ways of viewing a situation
  • An awareness that these feelings do not come and go but are constant in your life
  • Support and understanding without criticism or judgment
  • Sincere empathy for your struggle and turmoil
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Alter your life in positive ways. Call (310) 614-0323 or email to make an appointment.